Artist Statement

In a group of artworks entitled Not-Weaves and Not-Knots I explore difference and repetition as well as obsession and fixation. Working in sculpture, fiber, ceramics, and painting, the central motif of my work is a group of isolated forms which appear as details of knots, woven thread, twisted noodles or even as glyphs. In these forms, a single line creates the structure and produces integrity and solidity. It is opened up and schematic, a diagram of movement and process. I apply painterly methods across the surfaces of these forms to establish a cohesive aesthetic.

My obsession with the forms found in textile weaving, the knot theory: the study of mathematical knots and The Ashley Book of Knots is the basis of my drawings. I am attracted to the infinite possibilities of knotted and woven forms. I try to explore this fixation through color, line, shape, value, texture, and scale. The questions I ask myself are: What is the best way to understand these forms?  How do materials evoke emotional responses?