Kaining (Kennie) Huang is a visual artist, art instructor, and assistant in schools, education groups, and gallery & museum based in Philadelphia, PA. She works across multiple mediums such as encaustic, painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber, ceramics, and sculpture. Her practice explores knotted and woven forms through the fixation of color, line, shape, value, texture, and scale. The works have been exhibited in alternative spaces and galleries in Los Angeles.

Huang holds a BFA in painting and minor in art education (Teacher Credential Preparation) from Otis College of Art and Design. She is currently instructing art courses for youth and adults at Abington Art Center at Jenkintown, PA and other locations in communities. She specializes in art-integrated project planning and bilingual teaching in Chinese.

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fine arts, manage groups, exhibitions, workshops, and art-integrated lessons


In a group of artworks entitled Not-Weaves and Not-Knots, I explore difference and repetition as well as obsession and fixation. Working in sculpture, fiber, ceramics, and painting, the central motif of my work is a group of isolated forms which appear as details of knots, woven thread, twisted noodles or even as glyphs. In these forms, a single line creates the structure and produces integrity and solidity. It is opened up and schematic, a diagram of movement and process. I apply painterly methods across the surfaces of these forms to establish a cohesive aesthetic.

My obsession with the forms found in textile weaving, the knot theory: the study of mathematical knots and The Ashley Book of Knots is the basis of my drawings. I am attracted to the infinite possibilities of knotted and woven forms. I try to explore this fixation through color, line, shape, value, texture, and scale. The questions I ask myself are: What is the best way to understand these forms? How do materials evoke emotional responses?